Closing the skills gap would lower the unemployment rate by 2.5%.

The traditional way people learn new skills is outdated and boring. We are redefining what an education experience should be by pushing the limits of interaction and social sharing.


What if games could teach you a new skill?

PIXLWISE ® was developed to educate adults through a videogame platform, a stronger and simpler approach built for understanding.

Have fun learning and teaching

Research shows that the best way to learn and retain anything new is to participate in the activity. We take that to a new level of interactive education.


Play Learn Earn

More than three million Americans lack skills that would allow them to fill existing job openings. We're trying to change that. We found that it takes vision, technology, and most importantly, empathy.

"Education should be more like video games for kids...they should want to do it!"

Elon Musk, SXSW 2013


Developer Community

Lead the Charge in Changing Education

You can be among the first developers to completely change the way people learn. Join the PIXLWISE developer community and blaze a trail with cutting-edge technology.

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